Faq For Kids Photography

What is your style of photography ?

I photograph in a candid manner. Each session, I try to capture something that is truly unique, natural looking. I try my best to keep the mood light and allow the session to unfold naturally. I try to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to let their true spirit shine through. Sessions are truly about you, your child, and your family and creating images you will treasure for all time. It's not only about the finished portrait, It's about the journey we go through together to create it.

Where do you normally like to shoot ?

I work both on location and in my studio. I offer longer sessions, typically lasting one and a half to two hours.

Location could be your home, your child's favorite park, your backyard, places that you have a connection to. On location I use natural light to capture the images.

In studio I create some beautiful images with controlled soft lighting setup using your kids favorite toys as props.

Choice is yours.

Do you take a specific number of images per session ?

No I never limit the amount of images I capture during a session. I like to shoot as many frames as is needed to present you with a nice variety of images from which to select. It also allows me complete freedom when capturing your child's images, and the potential to capture that one special image that I might not have caught had I limited myself.

When should we have our newborn baby photographed ?

The newborn stage is a very fleeting one. The tiny, fragile, new-ness of a newborn does not last long. Within a couple of weeks, newborns put on weight, fill out, and no longer have their newborn appearance. I like to capture newborns while they still have the newborn look-small, fragile, and sometimes still all wrinkled. Newborns should be photographed as soon as possible, ideally within the first few weeks. This is because they still have such newness about them that you will never again be able to capture. Photographing them during this stage preserves this time forever in photographs. This time is so fleeting that the baby has generally changed considerably even before they see the images from their session, and parents are always grateful that they captured this time before it passes them by.

What clothing should my child wear for the session ?

Clothing options can vary. As a general rule, you should try to avoid logos or anything that brings too much attention away from the child(ren) being photographed. Have a few outfits picked out, and I'll be happy to help you decide on the best look for the photo session.

How should we prepare for the session? And what should we expect ?

I photograph in a casual, relaxed manner. Each session differs from the previous one. I suggest that you try to schedule during a time when your child has already napped, been fed, and generally in a good mood (as best as possible).

I try to make the child(ren) feel comfortable with me, and get them to respond in a manner that will produce great photographs. Before the session officially gets under way, I tend to spend some time with the children, playing and interacting with them in order to break the ice, so that their true personality is displayed during the session.

How long does a session last ?

It varies. A session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. I try to allow the session to unfold, not force it. Each age group has its own challenges, and as a photographer, I have learned to be patient. Attention spans vary, so I anticipate this with each session.

When should we expect to see the images from the session ?

In case of location photography, we can fix your appointment the very next day of the shoot to drop into my studio to view and select the images

In case of Studio photography, you can view and select the images immediately after the session. Your print enlargement order should be placed at the time of your viewing session. Payment of the print enlargement order is due at the time the order is placed.

When should we expect to receive our print enlargement order ?

It will usually take about a week to 10days after placement of your order for it to be ready.

When is our payment due ?

Please remember that a 50%retainer is required upon booking a session date, in order to secure your preferred date and time. This deposit is non-refundable. While a potential date may be discussed during our initial conversation, that date cannot be held, and will not be guaranteed until your deposit is received. If it is not received, please be advised that your date will become available to other clients,

What happens if i need to reschedule my session date ?

I understand that other events in our lives can sometimes interfere with our appointment, and I am always available to reschedule if the need arises. I do ask, however, that you provide me with 48hours notice so that I can make that time a slot available to other clients.

I also understand that emergencies happen where 48hours notice is not possible, but would kindly ask you to adhere to this time guideline whenever possible.

What are your policies in short ?


  • I request that 50% session fee be paid at the time your booking the session.
  • Session fee is non refundable.
  • Please make any rescheduling of session date at least 48hours prior to your appointment.
  • Reminder 50% session fee be paid on the day of the shoot before the start of the session
  • Proofing will be ready for viewing
    • Incase of location photography, the very next day of the shoot,
    • Incase of studio photography, immediately after the session.
  • Please allow a week for all prints and CD/DVD to get ready.
  • All images are property of Wonderkidsphotography and are kept on file for re- orders.
  • Payment is due in full at time of order.
  • Payment to be made in cash.

Any extra servies which you provide ?

Designing custom greeting cards\announcement cars (eg, birthday cards)

Designing collages of your kids photographs


What are your photography charges ?

You can dial me or email me to get this information.

I want my kid to appear in a tv commercials, print advertisements and movies, can you help us ?

Yes, I can help you by providing the contacts (at no extra cost) of some leading modeling agencies and coordinators who generally contact me when they are in need of any kids for commercials as I have a good data base of kids photographs.

With your permission I can forward your kids photographs to these agencies and when need arises these agencies will contact you directly.