My first impression of Prasad is his amazing patience with Kids, and the visual experience he provides us with them. Most mothers do feel that their own kids are the best in the world, but Prasad helps mothers re-iterate this feeling much more.

Hema Mani | Honeywell

My 2 year old son Reyaansh\'s first portfolio was done with Prasad yesterday(1st-Nov-2009).I must tell you, the entire shoot was like a fun outing.Prasad makes the child so comfortable and has so much fun with them that they respond to him as he wants.He is an amazing photographer and has captured some exquisite moments and wonderful expressions of Reyaansh.In the end, I felt every single picture of Reyaansh clicked was an awesome capture.Our family pictures have shaped up so beautifully that it made us feel like stars:)Prasad is an immensely talented photographer and a thorough professional and will surely go a long long way!I request all Moms and Dads of Bangalore city to have their kid\'s beautiful expressions locked by Prasad\'s camera and saved for life.All the Best Prasad!

Sahana.D.B | Misys S/W Solutions

Prasad is so patient with the kids, gives them the time they need, cannot express my gratitude to Prasad for the wonderful job he did. I am floored, so as most of the people who viewed the photos...Great Job

Sanjeev Subramanian

Amazing snaps straight from an amazing mind. Good job and wish you more success!! I never saw my 2 month old Ronnie's smile except for in your snaps. Your wait was worth it. I can never forget that snap.

Sridhar, Sweta, Ronnie | TCS

Hi Prasad, Thanks for helping us in capturing this innocent smile of Krish forever!! Krish snaps have come up really well.... Regards,


I really wondered whether my kids snaps would come like the ones appearing in the website and I am absolutely delighted to see the snaps just like the ones in the website... Prasad is very Professional, Punctual and at the same time creates an environment where the kids are comfortable and at ease... I appreciate the work of Prasad for creating memories which will be cherished forever... Cheers

Chandra Sekhar Valiveti | Accenture

I was very fortunate to have my son's portfolio from Prasad. His work is simply superb. His work is so wonderful that we decided to get our son's portfolio every year. I have already got 3 portfolios of my son done from Prasad. Each and everytime his work has been great. He has "magic" in his hands, the photographs are so lively and candid that one can not resist to have more and more and more.... He is very patient especially when shooting kids photos. All in all he is simply great.

Yathiraj Kasal | Honeywell

kid's photographs are marvelous! It just shows one's patience. In one word, its AMAZING !

Gautam kewaliya

I am amazed by his work. Has loads of patience when handling kids and take some incredible pictures!.

Yogish | Broadcom UK

Your dedication and patience are simply amazing. You are person with a colorful Imagination, Each picture is different, unique and realistic... especially the Kids section... Amazing photos... You are simply a great man ... I LOVE UR WORKS...

Shaji | 3D Modeler

Too good! I had this in mind since you started working for us at Images but after going through your site, I am just totally impressed. A man with few words but lots of potential.

Marylin | ImagesMultimedia

Full marks to Prasad for making my son Ronnie smiled for the first time for a camera. May be Ronnie was waiting for a high end professional photographer!!­

Sridhar | TCS

I am sure you will never cease to awe your clients...Like someone said, A picture is an expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?? Simply amazing photographs! Good Luck


Each photograph is a masterpiece, speaks proudly about the creator.Amazing work, was not able to stop myself searching for a column to express my feeling of pleasure to my eyes.Every snap is very professionally captured.. Would love to see more of your work...Keep posting! All the very best for your bright future!!!.

Srikanth Gundoju

Excellent, Amazing Its all about passion , which can be seen in your photographs.

Ravi Kanna, CEO | Snowman Frozen Foods Ltd.

Good Job. All snaps are very good, especially Babies one. Keep it up. All the best. Regards

Gopal | HCL Technologies

One of the best websites I have ever come across. Simple yet elegant! Wishing you good luck and great success!

Yogitha | freelance fashion designer

I have visited your website, and it was a real great pleasure to see the uniqueness in the art of your are truly a man of great caliber. I love the way, every single photograph has been shot by are definitely god's keep in touch. I pray that all your dreams are accomplished...


Prasad showed absolute professionalism. Photos are excellent and upto the mark. I am very happy with photos. I would say Prasad is very creative and talented. Prasad has natural inclination to photography. Selection of locations and postures are excellent. More over Prasad is punctual and friendly also.

Shaiju Jose | Sapient

Seen your works and photography on web. Its really wonderful. I am a newbie and just exploring the horizons of photography...


Prasad i can really see the feel in ur fotos..Jus saw ur profile in Orkut thought i shd see ur work..Truly amazing... the best part of your portfolio work is with kids .Breathtaking stuff...No doubt ur talent speaks volumes on ur work..Keep up ur good work..

Bhasker Narayanan

hi prasad.. i have visited ur website.. u did amazing work. i like it.. sply kids work is superb, i like them. wish you more exitin projects...

chakradahr | magicwand photography

Beautiful and elegent photos are found here!!!!!!! Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know such talent! All the very best Prasad!.

Pavithra | Esika

These are one of the very best photographs. Not only is Prasad very professional, he is also a talented photographer who always manages to capture the best that meet his lens. My first thoughts on browsing the pictures were "aren't they amazing?".... Prasad the photo shots are absolutely amazing.

Rajesh Kirti | Hewlett Packard

This site is awesome. People who like to watch good photographs and interested in photography can have a good treat. The kids collections is awesome. Every moment of life is a photograph which anyone has never seen before or will be able to see again. So capture every moment. Enjoy.

Vamsi Krishna | HSBC

Hey Prasad, Mind blowing...what else i can say.!! These pictures are the mirror of your talent..nice work..keep it up...


The manner in which the black 'n white photos were interlaced with the color ones, adds yet another angle. Really appreciate your photgraphic skills - but what strikes me the most - your presentation skills.

Roshen | Verizon Wireless

Really it was a superb work. every photograph played its effect .. everything had its timing in it ... be it the texture or the colors and the lights everything .... ur work with children and their emotions have really touched the heart ... its superb work .... Lots of congratulation for it and keep it up with prayers

Shahila hameed | New Horizons

This website is too good with nice pics. It will add pleasure to our hearts. We are born to make people happy... Just Keep up with that... Wish u all the best. Have a nice time. Chandoo.

Chandra Sena Reddy | ARCHENTS, Mumbai

The photos show the passion which he has towards his profession. Very creative person. Goes out of the way to create new things.

Sushma satyanarayana | Honeywell

Prasad's photos provide an engagingly rich visual experience. They capture the essence and the mood of the moment and the person. Love your work...,

Ritesh Roy Zacharias | Honeywell

Words are not enough to express the talent that is reflected in Prasad's photography, He is a true professional, a thorough gentleman. My friendship with Prasad has strengthened a lot in last five yeas though we are not in same profession which is mainly due to positive attitude and charismatic personality.-Best wishes for your future.

Aditya Jakhotia | C.A. Infotech Enterpises.

Great pics....keep up the good work...wish u all the very best for all your future endeavors.


These images speak a lot about the creativity and passion Prasad possesses. wishing him all the very best in getting more recognition for his admirable talent.


Man, pics are really amazing. Its all mind blowing shots. You have given a midas touch. A True Professionalism, imaginative, creative. Keep the flag flying HIGH. Cheers


I have worked with prasad and all i have to say is , he is a thorough professional and a creative and patience genius.....keep up the good work.

Viki | Makeupartist

These Pics are marvelous...especially i like the photo session of girls & children.. g8 work keep it up.

Vinay | An Indian student in Australia

The photos are really great. I think you are a connoisseur of photography. I enjoyed the photos thoroughly.

Mohan Chandran | Hyderabad

Liked your photographs. It has the professional touch

Robert Gonsalves

Wow!!the pictures are really great Prasad!!Great work....Congragulations...they are really very professional!

Vidya Ram

World looks much more colorful and bright with your photos. Time will pass leaving behind your photos as beautiful memories of the past forever.

Sowjanya | UK

A beautiful website with some really beautiful pictures. I didn't know much of Prasad's work until I visited this site. Great work. Wishing you all the success.


Words cannot express the talents expressed by prasad which are beyond imagination as he could see things beyond and express thru his skill of photography in a vivid and lucid form. Regards.

Ratna Rao, CEO | Saiber Consulting

Its really creative to come up with such a cool idea, first i want to congratulate you for such a fantastic work its amazing to such kind or work. Keep going same way. My best wishes and my support is always there with you regards.

Chinmay patel

Though I don't have much knowledge of photography yet i can say that the photos of Prasad express differently and speak about themselves! In person he is a patient, hard worker, soft spoken and overall a good person, friend, loving brother and a brother-in-law. Above all he is very artistic, romantic .............words fall short when i go to tell about him. His photos also look realistic and natural. His wide range of photographs depicts his dedication towards his work. Every photograph taken by him is unique from the other and tell about his imaginative mind. His collection of baby photos especially is heart touching. I wish all the success for his future.


As i know him he is a good professional photographer who gives 100% of himself to give a better finishing". He is a photographer who likes to visualize the world in different angle of his camera. He is not only a true professional but also a good person in heart. In every photographs he has taken doesn’t look like a flatten but looks realistic.


Very well captured! Loved the kids collection!.


The pictures are great. The kids’ pictures are wonderful and the black and white ones with the coloured flowers look really nice. Very inspiring work. All the best to you.


Awesome work! Loved all the pixs. Wish i could get my baby clicked too and surely will if and when i land in Bangalore.Keep up the good work..